Community Supervision Officer

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, 10 March 2020
End Date: 
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

G R E G G C O U N T Y H U M A N R E S O U C E S D E P A R T M E N T INTERNAL/EXTERNAL COUNTY OPENING JOB TITLE: COMMUNITYSUPERVISION OFFICER – POSITION # CSM-0002 DEPARTMENT: COMMUNITY SUPERVISION AND CORRECTIONS DATE POSTED: March 10, 2020 CLOSING DATE: UNTIL FILLED BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Meet statutory qualifications for probation officers in the State of Texas per Chapter 76.011of the GOVERNMENT CODE. a. Officers appointed by the department director must comply with a code of ethics developed by the division. b. To be eligible for appointment on or after the effective date of this Act as an officer who supervises probationers a person: 1) must have acquired a bachelor's degree conferred by an institution of higher education accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; and 2) unless the bachelor's degree is in criminology, corrections, counseling, law, social work, psychology, sociology or a related field that has been approved by the division, must have: c. one year graduate study in one of those fields; or d. one year of experience in full-time casework, counseling or community or group work that has been approved by the division. 2. Must have good interviewing, writing and communication skills. 3. Must possess the ability to work with people from all socio economic backgrounds. 4. Must have an automobile available for use during working hours. 5. Must be of good moral character. 6. Must be available to work the hours assigned by the supervisor. 7. Male preferred. EXAMPLES OF JOB DUTIES: 1. Supervise a caseload of criminal offenders enforcing conditions ordered by the Court. 2. Assess the risk and needs of offenders and write supervision plans to address those risks and needs. 3. Administer urinalysis test for the detection of illegal drugs. 4. Collect court ordered monies from probationers. 5. Make referrals to social agencies in the community to meet the rehabilitative needs of the probationers. 6. Determine restitution and prepare pre-sentence reports when ordered. 7. Be available for after hours or weekends if need arise. 8. Perform any other duties assigned by the Director or supervisor. SALARY: $33,500.00/ANNUALLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS MAY APPLY AT THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, ROOM 109, GREGG COUNTY COURTHOUSE.

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