Tax Statement Information


The Gregg County consolidated tax statement includes the following entities:

Gregg County
City of Clarksville
City of Lakeport
City of Longview
City of Easton
City of White Oak
City of Kilgore
Gregg County Emergency Services District #1
Gregg County Emergency Services District #2
Liberty Danville Fresh Water Supply District #2
Longview ISD
Sabine ISD
Spring Hill ISD
White Oak ISD
Kilgore ISD
Kilgore College

All taxing units shown on the tax statement with the exception of the City of Easton, City of Longview, City of Kilgore, Kilgore ISD, White Oak ISD, Rural Fire District, Sabine ISD, Longview ISD and Kilgore College give the following discounts if paid in:

October - 3% discount
November - 2% discount
December - 1% discount
January - No discount or penalty

Taxes become delinquent February 1st and penalty and interest if paid in:

February - 7% penalty and interest
March - 9% penalty and interest
April - 11% penalty and interest
May - 13% penalty and interest
June - 15% penalty and interest

On July 1st taxes incur penalty and interest of 18% plus an additional attorney fee up to 20%.

If you have questions about which entities collect on a property, please visit the Gregg County Appraisal District website.