Coronavirus Information


          Declaration of local disaster has been renewed for Gregg County

1. Coronavirus Information
2. Coronavirus Facts and Tips
3. Coronavirus Press Conference
4. Press Release
5. Amended Declaration
6. Order Renewing Declaration
7. COVID-19 Response for Gregg County Area

COVID-19 Testing Numbers in the United States

    Please refer to the link below for Gregg County COVID-19 totals.


    Call 903-606-3627 for information on appropriate testing criteria and location for testing.

9. Gregg County Shelter in Place Frequently Asked Questions
10. Governor Abbott Executive Order Implementing Essential Services and Activities Protocols
11. DPS State of Disaster Essential Services
12. UPDATED Guidelines for Houses of Worship During the CO-VID Crisis
13. Governor’s Executive Order GA 18
14. Governor's Executive Order GA 21
15. FDA recall on hand sanitizer
16. Executive Order By the Governor of the State of Texas  Bar establishment reopening protocols
17. CDC Quarantine and Isolation - Updated March 30, 2022
Please click the following link for direct access to the website:
18. Governor's Executive Order GA 34 relating to the opening of Texas in response to the COVID-19 disaster
19. Governor's Executive Order GA 36 relating to  mandating face coverings


For additional information or questions, please contact Abdal J. Harris - Health Administrator

903-237-2621 | Abdal.Harris@co.gregg.tx.us | 903-237-2608 

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